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FERDY CHRISTANT - SEP 23, 2005 (11:13:26 AM)

Linux commands rock. There's too many to remember though. Here's my personal cheat sheet for commands I often use, or think I may need in the future. I will update the list when I find out about new useful commands.

command description
apt package manager
awk find and replace text within file(s)
cat display contents of file
cd change directory
chgrp change group ownership
chmod change access permissions
chown change file ownership
cp copy files
crontab schedule a command
dd data dump
df display free disk space
diff display differences between two files
du estimate file space usage
echo display message on screen
echo $env output system variable
fdformat low level format
fdisk partition table manipulator
find search for files
free display memory usage
fsck file system check and repair
groups print group names a user is in
gzip (de)compress file(s)
ln make links between two files
ls list file information
man find help manual of command
mkdir create a directory
mkfs create a file system
mount mount a file system
mv move or rename file(s) or directories
passwd modify a user password
poweroff shutdown the computer
ps process status
pwd print working directory
rm remove file
rmdir remove directory
rpm remote package manager
shutdown shutdown or restart system
sort sort text files
su switch user
tar archive files
umount unmount a device
useradd create new user account
vi vi text editor
whereis find where a command is located
who print all users logged in

For an extensive list of all commands, visit

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JUN 24, 05:01:25 PM

comment » im looking for a book or any thing that can get me started with suse linux im new to this and sick of windows i wanting to learn the simple base comands like installing progams downloads. or from cd also i want to be able to see and use my other hard drive thats conected o and installing driverss for hard ware like sound cards and so on thanks «

COMMENT: RATUL emailrating

NOV 14, 08:29:05 AM

comment » This is important for all. «

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