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FERDY CHRISTANT - FEB 3, 2006 (08:39:26 AM)

It looks like this AJaX hype is here to stay. Whole communities are formed, the big vendors are teaming up, and frameworks are being created. Today I discovered the framework of BackBase. I've seen quite some live demos of AJaX applications so far, but this one made me drool. They have managed to implement a very large number of UI widgets you would typically only find in a desktop application.

They even have a community edition that you can freely download. The only problem I have with these widgets is that they behave quite slow. This is a bit of an annoyance, as traditional forms tend to respond instantly.

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COMMENT: TED emailhomepage

FEB 3, 09:21:50 AM

comment » Hi Ferdy,

I saw their demo on a IBM conference last year. Impressive isn't it... «

COMMENT: MARK homepage

FEB 9, 09:43:10

comment » Ferdy,

You should look at Macromedia's / Adobe's Flex framework. Sooo much better and quicker and something you could consider enterprise strength.

Theres a new Beta 2 version which you can try.

Mark «


FEB 9, 06:43:01 PM

comment » Mark,

Looks great, never investigated Flex before. I think you can get away with the plug-in aspect of Flash within your corporate boundaries.

However, I'm not a fan of Flash for internet apps, as you may be excluding users who dont have Flash, in which case you need to make an extra presentation tier.

What do you think? «

COMMENT: BEN DUBUC emailhomepage

JUL 2, 01:31:45 PM

comment » I just dicovered Backbase and I'm about to try to integrate it in a Domino DB. Have you done some work in that sense? Any tips/trick/trap you know I should be aware of?

Thanks «

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