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FERDY CHRISTANT - APR 1, 2006 (11:49:43 AM)

Don't you just love the fact that web development tools and techniques are getting better over time? This week I got inspired by two particular items:

  • Via Jake, I found Firebug. This tool is awesome:
  • "FireBug lets you explore the far corners of the DOM by keyboard or mouse. All of the tools you need to poke, prod, and monitor your JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ajax are brought together into one seamless experience, including an error console, command line, and a variety of fun inspectors."
    I tested the tool on this site and found zero errors. I even ran it on my online AJAX demo database to inspect the XMLHttpRequest traffic, and it just works. One of the most powerful features is the fact that you can jump to the location of an error from within the tool. Imagine this tool detecting a CSS error, just click on the error and it will jump to the online CSS file and mark the errornous line. This is gonna save me so much time.
  • At CSS Play I found what I think is the best web-based photo browsing technique so far:

    Not only is it gorgeous, fast and intuitive, it is also a 100% CSS valid, and does not require any Javascript. Check out the online demo here.

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